The last Thursday, October the 4th, the whole Rosarista community had the opportunity to participate in this big immersion, in which, students from preschool to 11 grade interacted and showed their different abilities, performing different scenes and of course speaking in English the whole morning.

All of us had the opportunity of integrating fun, learning and second language, throughout different activities proposed in this Immersion The city of my dreams.

Immersion activities were designed to provide language fluency and a strong academic foundation to ensure every student reaches their fullest global potential. Each child had the opportunity two use two languages in context, having fun, applying what they have learnt and overall making learning processes meaningful to them. Some interesting places that the students created were: A Super hero’s museum, an aquarium, a circus, a market, and a cinema among others. Also we developed the science context, and presented amazing experiments in the Science Fair.

There were other challenges like the Jeopardy contest, were students had the opportunity to show how much they do know about the world, the city and our school.

Although teachers are passionate about education, diversity, cultural inclusion and dual language fluency and this passion drives our teachers and staff to go the extra mile to ensure your child is well prepared for the future. What differentiates our language immersion activities from others is our teaching philosophy, approach and the most interesting fact was that this time, teachers were behind the stage, because secondary level students were the ones who prepared, developed and performed the whole activities for preschool and primary level.

As everybody knows, each child is an individual and learns in different ways. We at Col Rosario School value each child’s individuality and cater to each child’s educational needs using our interactive learning approach.

In closing, we strive to help your child develop a positive self-image, a curiosity about the world around them, create positive social relationships and become culturally aware, these have been some of the goals we were, we are and we will continue working to develop during the currently year, to get not only results but the most important, to help your kids to grow up realizing that they are citizens from a Whole huge world.

We had an amazing journey, thank you very much to all the ones who supported and worked to make this activity possible.

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