How do you imagine the future? Last week, we had the opportunity to bring the future to our present! Eighth grade students did some research about household items in the past, and put their creativity hats on to improve them by adding new features so that we could feel the impossible!

Among the different “Future household objects”, students had the chance to see the “Ironmatic”, which allows you to iron and fold your clothes just adding “suavitel” and pushing a button; a total wireless tv, that includes a Bluetooth connection and works as air conditioner and heating as well; a memory machine connected to your brain, where you say a word through a voice recorder and it recalls your memories using images; a smart house that allows you to fulfil your chores using voice commands and a smart fridge too. Also, the “Lazy’s notebook”, which does the homework for you; a holographic calendar; a smart bottle (alert of dehydration included!); a “Snack-maker”, that prepares any type of snack out of nothing! You just have to scan your hand (to make sure you are the owner of this device), say what you want through the microphone, wait 5 seconds and… voilá!

The aim of this activity was to show the community the work done within the classroom, where students use their different abilities to create a project through collaborative work, integrating their knowledge with technology and science using a second language.

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