Chester Palmer School extends an invitation to all our school community to participate in its ‘CHESTER PALMER’S CHALLENGE BEE’ contest. This year, this contest presents the methodology “Task-Based Challenge”, which participants must overcome a series of challenges depending on the category that our students wish to enroll. The categories are:

Category A: Senior through 1st graders

Category B: 2nd through 3rd graders.

Category C: 4th through 5th graders.

Category D: 6th through 8th graders.

Category E: 9th through 11th graders.

Chester Palmer’s challenge bee is an opportunity for students to strengthen relationships between schools within the town, broaden the horizons of our students through new experiences and motivate students and teachers to further their study of English. Students interested in participating in this contest and representing our institution must submit with our English teachers. The deadline to register will be on August 10th. English teachers will be in charge of explaining the rules of the contest in classes.

Don’t miss this opportunity and show your second language abilities in this entertained and joyful contest.

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