Last week Wednesday, November 20th, was the closure of the project Aliados 10: School to School, in which our school, Aspaen –  Colegio El Rosario, participated in its third version, and as a second version in the new branch they have, that is English Language teaching process.

Some members of our English team had the opportunity of sharing strategies, tips, resources and some printed material with the group of teachers belonging to the ENS Saddy Tobón Calle, from Cerrito Santander. The goal was to train ENS teachers in CLIL methodology and classroom practices, and from a part of that goal, we helped them to rebuild their Currilum Framework, for primary and high school and also to create an English Resource Center for Language Learning.

During this project we had the opportunity of visiting them and they visited our school in two opportunities, giving us the opportunity of strength bonds of friendship and cooperative work.

As a reward for this labor, and always following our main command of doing the best and working for a well done deed, our school was recognized as the best School Partner among 15 private schools from around Colombia. Also the English Team was rewarded as the best “Cupla” for its commitment, good labor, knowledge, willingness and responsibility.

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